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Important Statement

Modification is different from the original parts, no matter how accurate the installation position is, it is impossible to 100% mount the platform. Each car installation requires subsequent grinding and modification to achieve the best installation effect, so you must go to the modification shop for installation. Due to personal reasons, the installation will not lead to failure, and the shop will not accept refund and return.

About Receiving

For valuables, whether signed by yourself or signed by others, please be sure to unpack and inspect the goods when receiving them, and sign for them after confirming that there is no damage or missing. If you sign for it, you will default that the products received are intact, and our store will not be liable for damages in the future.

If you find missing parts or damaged goods during acceptance, please contact us at the first time and refuse to sign for it.
Instructions for ordering

Before placing an order, please confirm whether the product meets the model and year you need, whether there has been an accident, and whether the accessories can be installed on your own car. If you are not clear, please consult the customer service before purchasing.

If there are special requirements for the goods and it is necessary to change the original sample of the goods (such as shape, color, structure, material, etc.), they are customized products and will not be returned.

Production Time

After payment needs 3-5 working days delivery, some products will be longer, in 7-15 working days delivery.

Customs Clearance Time

It will take about 1.5 to 2 months from the time of deposit until all customs are completed.Since it depends on the custom contents, the delivery date will be decided once the custom contents and the deposit date are confirmed.

* Please note that the delivery date may be delayed if there are any corrections or changes.