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YISO has ten years of experience in modification and has a very professional team.There are also very professional transportation partners。With guests and agents from all over the world,With guests and agents from all over the world, perfect transportation system,There are shipping and air transport team,From the order, production products, to transport export can rest assured to choose us.

Export transportation needs to know

You can choose our mode of transportation, also can choose their own mode of transportation cooperation。

But be sure to find out whether the logistics you cooperate with can accept wooden frames, extra long 189cm or more than 2 meters of goods. If wooden frames or slats are not accepted, additional packing charges will be charged for additional wooden cases. Please make sure.
Attention please

Please note: the price does not include shipping, tax and customs clearance fees

Transportation time

Under normal circumstances, the arrival of goods in about 10 working days by air transportation, and about 30-45 by ship transportation.